Corporate Box Gym proudly presents our CB@HomeRunChallenge 2020.

As posted on our social media stories.

This will be a location competition the likes of which we haven’t seen before!!!

The idea is for members to accumulate points for their CB location at a venue of their choice in their vicinity or at a facility close to home.

Kids and parents can all participate.

Open to all CB and Non CB Members

Walk or Run, just participate and represent your local CB!

Download the Rules here: Run-Challenge (1)

How to Choose the right Martial Arts Gym for you

Many people go to a martial arts gym to learn self-defence techniques, some want to hone their fighting techniques in the ring and others want to try a different way of becoming fit. Whatever your end goals, martial arts can fit easily into your existing fitness regime, providing you with a disciplined way to achieve the results you want.

The problem is knowing which gym is best suited to your needs. There are a few gyms open in Brisbane, so short of going to each one and trying them out – how can you select the best one? The most effective strategy is to match the gym to your goals, look for trainers who have the experience to help you reach these goals, and class times that are easy to attend.

 1. Fit the gym to your goals

Do you want to fight competitively or do you want to learn self-defence? Is your goal to simply get fit? Whatever your goals, you need to match them with the right type of gym. As you can imagine, some gyms are more focused towards competitive fighting. If you join these gyms they will teach the type of martial arts that is used in the ring, along with all the rules that are necessary to keep the sport legal.

On the other hand, if you want to learn self-defence techniques, then you want a martial arts gym that focuses not on competitive sports, but on self-defence. The type of moves that you will be taught at these gyms differs considerably to those that are taught for competitions. The main difference being that in the ring certain rules need to be enforced, whilst in the street when you are defending yourself, these rules don’t apply. So knowing your goals will help you to select the right type of gym to fulfill these objectives.

 2. Look for experienced trainers

If you want to fight competitively in the ring, then the best trainers are those that have achieved a certain level of success in the ring themselves. It makes sense that fighters can teach fighters! If you want to learn martial arts for self-defence and fitness, not to fight competitively, then it makes sense to select trainers who excel in teaching non-competitive martial arts. Most gyms will advertise their skills and experience, but there’s no harm in dropping into your local martial arts gym and asking these questions yourself. You will also get a feel for the gym, which is an important part of your decision. 

 3. Convenient location and classes

The importance of finding a gym that’s in the right location and classes that suit your schedule cannot be understated. If you have to go out of your way to get to the gym and the class times aren’t really convenient, you will quickly find reasons not to attend. Whether you select a gym close to home or to work is up to you, but make sure that it’s not out of your way and the class times fit comfortably into your lifestyle. 

Boost your health by joining a boxing gym

Boxing classes aren’t just for fitness junkies or boxing fanatics. While we cater for anyone from novices to professional boxers, the majority of people attending boxing classes at Corporate Box Gym are everyday people who want to improve their health, learn new skills with professional boxing fighters and trainers, socialise, and just have fun! Boxing is a safe and easy way to make many improvements to your mental and physical wellbeing.

Let’s break some of them down so you can see just how amazing boxing classes can be for your health!

1. Manage and reduce your stress 

Sports and exercise are well-known stress reducers, which is why most people include some form of exercise into their daily lives. Sometimes however, you need more than an aerobics class or a jog around the block to reduce your stress. Boxing is great for reducing stress because it’s very intense and you don’t have time to think about anything else! 

2. Strengthen your body

Punching a boxing bag helps to increase your upper body strength and kicking a bag increases your lower body strength. So your entire body not only gets a good workout, but you also increase your strength. At our boxing gym, we not only focus on boxing, but we also get you fitter, so that you can be a better boxer! Feeling stronger also helps to reduce your stress levels and makes you a much healthier person.

3. Improve your hand-eye coordination

Fast reflexes and reaction times are associated with good hand-eye coordination and better balance. These skills are not only important for children, but also for everyone else! That’s because as we age, we often start to lose these skills, falling over on the odd occasion, and dropping or knocking things over every now and again. Improving your hand-eye coordination and keeping it sharp is one way to maintain your health over the long term.

4. Increase muscle mass and decrease body fat

Joining a boxing gym not only helps you to lose weight, but more importantly, you will increase your muscle mass and decrease your fat. The combination of boxing training exercises, strength training and cardio helps you decrease your BMI, so you’re fitter and healthier than ever! 

5. Boost cardiovascular health

We are always told to perform cardiovascular exercises to boost the health of our heart, particularly as we age. Eating a nutritional diet, reducing stress, losing weight, and exercising are all strategies that can improve cardiovascular health. Aerobic exercise is highly beneficial for your heart and since boxing is an aerobic exercise – it’s good for your heart!

It’s never too late to put your hand up for a boxing class! And why not ask your friends about joining a class together?

When you’re ready to get started, check out our locations page to find a Corporate Box Gym near you, or just give us a call on 07 3357 7103.