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Are Boxing Gyms Good For Beginners?

Are you looking for a fun way to get fit? Or perhaps you’re keen for a competitive edge and are looking to train in a combat sport? Whatever the reason may be, you will find boxing has many benefits such as cardio training, self-discipline, and building confidence. If you’re wondering how to get started in boxing, this guide will breakdown the basic information you need to know to ease those first class jitters.

The benefits of going to a boxing gym

The rise in popularity of boxing gyms has been a significant trend in the fitness world over the last few years and for good reason.

The truth is that the explosion in the popularity of boxing classes is only just beginning. It’s not just your family, friends, or colleagues that have suddenly transformed into boxing enthusiasts. We’re seeing the trend catch on among celebrities, models, and social media influencers who also turn to this excellent and effective workout strategy.

Boxing classes certainly teach you how to box, but it’s not all about getting into the ring and facing off against an opponent.

Done properly and with the proper guidance of a trainer, boxing classes provide a complete full body workout. In addition to working the back, shoulders, arms, legs and core, it’s also a great way to fit in cardiovascular training as well.

Many people who have chosen to start training in boxing have also noticed multiple mental health benefits. Boxing has been known to relieve stress due to the mood-enhancing endorphins that are released with every workout. Many boxers report that it has also improved their mental self-discipline, concentration, and self-confidence.

Are boxing classes suitable for beginners

The short answer: yes! Many boxing gyms welcome members of all ages, experience and skill levels.

Boxing classes are taken by highly trained and experienced fighters who know how to pitch a training session and teach boxing techniques suitable for everyone, regardless of your level of fitness or martial arts background.

Every experienced fighter you see has been through the same steps you’ve been through. Your trainer understands what it’s like to walk into a boxing gym for the first time and feel nothing but nerves. Trainers don’t expect you to turn up on your first day with the perfect punch or existing knowledge of boxing, that’s what they’re here for.

Choosing your boxing gym

Often when people first start their boxing journey, they encounter the stress of trying to find a boxing gym for beginners. A good boxing gym will have professional trainers who have the knowledge and experience to train people of all abilities. You won’t be a beginner forever so ideally you want a gym with trainers that can effectively explain techniques to someone who has never thrown a punch before, to being able to provide guidance and corrections to more seasoned boxers. 

A good start for choosing your boxing gym is to decide what it is you want to get out of your training. There are some boxing gyms that are focused on creating competitive fighters while other gyms are purely for fitness or self-defense, then there are some that provide a happy balance. Knowing what kind of training you’re after will help you find a suitable gym.

If you’re looking for the best place to learn boxing, Corporate Box Gym has programs for all skill levels. Everyone gets days where they feel lazy or want to skip training because the classes are clashing with other commitments in their day. Corporate Box Gym has 24/7 access and a flexible schedule so you can train at a time that is suitable for you.

If you’re wondering how to find a boxing gym don’t be scared to ask around! Boxing is increasingly becoming a popular fitness sport and you’re bound to know someone who might be able to provide a recommendation. Good gyms for beginners will often offer a free class or will have a few introductory sessions to help you familiarise yourself with the basics of boxing. 

What do I need to bring to my first class

Feeling prepared for your first class can help ease your nerves, but this doesn’t mean that you need to go out and buy the most expensive boxing outfit or top of the range gloves. Before you book in for your trial or first class, ask the trainer what you will need.

You might also be wondering ‘are boxing shoes necessary’, before going out and buying any make sure to ask the trainer as different gyms have different gym etiquette when it comes to footwear. Some gyms recommend boxing shoes while other gyms want all fighters to be barefoot when on the mats.

As far as what to wear to boxing class, comfort is key. Well fitting shorts and a t-shirt are often ideal as they let you breathe and move freely. Avoid wearing anything that has straps as this can become a hazard to yourself and any potential training partners. 

While most boxing gyms will have water facilities it is highly recommended that you bring your own water bottle. Boxing is a sport that involves bursts of intense exercise so you will get hot and sweaty. You will find that having your own water bottle will be very convenient.

The only thing that is recommended you purchase before your first class is a pair of hand wraps and a mouth guard. Hand wraps help to keep your wrists and hands protected in the gloves while punching, plus they serve as an extra hygiene barrier if you’re using communal gloves. While it is highly unlikely that you will be sparring with anyone in your first class, accidents do happen so a mouth guard will keep your teeth safe. Both these items are cheap to buy and are essential to keep you safe.


What to expect at my first boxing class

The first boxing class will often involve a tour of the gym’s amenities such as bathrooms, gym equipment, and the training space. Always turn up that little bit early so you can allow for time to meet your instructor or the staff at your gym so they can give you a quick introductory chat and tour. 

Class will often begin with some stretches and a basic warm up. These are important to ensure that your muscles are nice and relaxed and ready to go. Warm ups tend to vary depending on your trainer and the class you’re training, but it will usually involve rounds of skipping or shadow boxing. There’s no shame if you’re struggling with the warm up activities, the instructor knows it’s your first day and you won’t be the first beginner that’s attended their class.

In this class you will learn the absolute basics of boxing such as how to stand correctly, how to properly position your arms, the difference between a jab and a cross, and how to become comfortable with throwing these punches. Your instructor or pad partner will provide you with various corrections throughout the session but will also refrain from overloading you with too much information. 

While your boxing gym isn’t a school, it is still a class after all so be prepared to concentrate. There is a lot of repetition and mirroring your instructor when training so you will need to be focused to make sure you get the punch combinations right. It’s almost expected that you will get confused or lost when copying a punch combination, but there’s no need to let this stress you. With regular training over time you will find this process easier and easier. All you need to do is focus and try your best.

It’s expected that you might feel a mix of emotions during your first session such as excitement, nervousness, confusion but most importantly fun. One thing you’re almost guaranteed to feel the next day, however, is sore muscles. While it’ll be uncomfortable, it just means you worked hard and were training your muscles in a new way. This pain isn’t permanent, simply think of it as a reward for the hard work you put in!


The instructors at Corporate Box Gym are in your corner! It’s never too late to start boxing and we’re here to help everyone, no matter their skill level. Book in today to claim your free trial.

Your muay thai gym that’s just around the corner

Have you been searching for a muay thai gym that’s near you? A gym for all levels of fitness and skill with the most experienced boxing, Muay Thai and MMA fighters and trainers in the country?

Well, look no further! The Corporate Box Gym has you covered, with muay thai gyms located across South-East Queensland, including Brisbane’s north, south, inner city, and Ipswich.

When choosing the best muay thai gym for you, the location and trainers are key to a successful partnership. And it truly is a partnership; you’re joining a team of professionals that will help you to attain your ultimate muay thai goal. 

How to choose your muay thai gym

Why choose Corporate Box Gym for your muay thai strength and conditioning workouts? They offer world-class training at the largest gym in Australia, located right here in your backyard in Brisbane.

The muay thai training centre offers: 

  • indoor and outdoor competition-sized boxing rings
  • 24-hour gym access
  • MMA cages
  • matted wrestling / MMA areas
  • full-time pad holders
  • extreme training rooms
  • cross-training rooms
  • boxing bags
  • floor-to-ceiling balls
  • fully equipped weights areas
  • cardio equipment
  • outdoor training areas
  • the highest number of active fighters
  • pro fighters on-site for specialised training
  • a free 24-hour breakfast bar!*

Muay thai is widely accepted as the fastest-growing sport today. It’s a full contact sport with techniques combining Judo, Thai Boxing, Brazilian Ju Jitsu (BJJ) to name a few – taking the best from all forms of martial arts and delivering us the muay thai that is thriving today.

The global phenomenon, the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC), has catapulted MMA to the next level and you can find an gym near you in locations across Brisbane, Australia

Why choose this muay thai gym?

The founder of Corporate Box Gym, Shaggy had a mission to not only create the best boxing and  muay thai gym with the most professional trainers and fighters and world-class facilities, but to create an atmosphere where all are welcome. From beginners, to corporate professionals and professional fighters, this gym has been grounded in building a community focused on health and well-being while supporting all to reach their ultimate boxing and fitness goals. 

Corporate Box Gym’s seasoned trainers are passionate about helping you achieve your goals, whether that’s to get fit, learn a new sport or get competitive! With four boxing gyms across Brisbane, you don’t have to go far to enjoy a life changing experience!

And after your muay thai training workout or exercise class, unwind with a free 24-hour breakfast bar, members’ lounge, free wireless broadband, and a licensed bar for members. It’s the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Four boxing gyms across Brisbane

East Brisbane

Located on the south-side of Brisbane is Corporate Box Gym East Brisbane, with head trainer, Ben Kelleher. Ben is a 2 x Australian Cruiserweight Boxing Champion and former Australian Middleweight MMA Champion to (seriously) just name a few of the myriad of awards for this professional fighter, boxer and trainer. 

This boxing gym also features full-time professional Muay Thai fighters and trainers with the world-class facilities to match the professionals, that as a member, you can access daily for one-on-one specialised training. If you’re looking for the best boxing gym, or boxing gym, muay thai training workout or strength and conditioning workout in your area and you call south-east of the Brisbane river home, then look no further – you’ve found your home away from home at Corporate Box Gym East Brisbane.

Fortitude Valley

If inner-city is more your style, Corporate Box Gym Fortitude Valley is right amongst it, located on Brunswick Street. Head trainer Glen Hodgens brings more than 20 years of group training experience, as well as fighting across Australia and winning a swag of fighting titles in Super Light Weight, Junior Welter and Welter Weight divisions. 

Another trainer is Nick Lovison, who in 2013 was selected as part of the Australian Ju Jitsu team. Nick currently holds his brown belt in BJJ, black belt in Ju Jitsu Sports and 1st Kyu in Karate and is a NCAS Level 1 Assistant Coach with the Australian Sport Commission. What a depth of knowledge and skills this MMA gym can brag about… and that’s just two of the trainers! Great location, world-class facilities, professional fighters and trainers – did someone say, “Perfect muay thai training experience”?


And finally, the fast-growing metropolis outside of Brisbane – Ipswich, boasts its very own Corporate Box Gym which is run by Kurtis Pegoraro… WBC and WKBF Muay Thai Champion with more than 40 fights in Muay Thai and Boxing to his name! Seriously. Also, with free weekly trips to discounted medical and physio specialists for members only, this boxing gym caters to everyone.

Nobody puts muay thai in the corner!

Corporate Box Gym is always in your corner, providing locations across Brisbane for muay thai beginners, enthusiasts or professionals. This muay thai gym nurtures a supportive environment with the most professional fighters and trainers, and first-rate facilities to boot. Find a Corporate Box Gym that’s just around the corner from you.


Here it is…the news you have all be waiting for!!

We will be launching a soft opening for MEMBERS ONLY from tomorrow, Wednesday 03.06.20.

What does this mean?

Come in and say hello, use equipment to train – you can use weights, strength and conditioning, heavy bags, mats areas and rings, however, there will be no classes or pads sessions available this week.

Staff hours for this week only will be 6-10am and 3-6pm.

For everyone else…

Our OFFICIAL REOPENING will be Monday 8th June 2020 from 5.00am, with modified temporary timetables.

Here is how it will work:

Access will get activated from Monday 08.06.20 at 5am.

Follow signage for where to enter and where to exit.

EVERYONE MUST sign waiver/attendance register upon entry.

*Hand-wash and sanitize on entry and exit of gym with sanitizer and soap provided.

*Cover your coughs and sneezes and properly dispose of tissues and hand washing immediately after.

*Please avoid shaking hands, high-fiving, hugging or physical greetings.

*Please always keep at least 1.5 distance from others at all time.

*Non-contact training only unless with members of the same household.

*Classes will be run differently by having the numbers capped (20 people).

*Groups will be divided and spread out throughout the gym.

*No Towel, No Train. You MUST provide your own towel.

*Use a clean towel each time you attend and do not share towels.

*Bring extra towels to lay on equipment benches and seats.

*Bring your own drink bottles and do not share drink bottles – filter will be available to refill bottles only.

*Kitchenette/ Breakfast bar will be closed temporarily.

*Bring and use your own equipment (gloves, wraps, etc) and ensure you take all your belongings with you when you leave.

*Minimize the use of shared equipment. Any shared equipment should be cleaned pre and post activity and participants should sanitize their hands.

*Do not spot anyone on equipment.

*Disinfect wipe down of exercise equipment before and after use with the disinfection products

*Only one parent/carer per child is permitted if necessary.

*Minimize your time spent in the gym by coming prepared for training and leaving as soon as practicable after you have finished your training session/class, or if you have exceeded attendance by 2 continuous hours.

*DO NOT come in if you are sick or been in contact with someone sick.

*Do not attend if you are unwell, have symptoms of COVID‐19, suspect you may have been infected with COVID‐19 (including close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID‐19) or been advised by health authorities to self-isolate.

*If you are observed to be reasonably displaying symptoms (for example persistent coughing) of
COVID‐19, you may be asked to leave.

**All entry and exit doors will remain closed at all times. You must ensure you bring your access fob with you to ensure you are able to gain entry to the gym. PLEASE ENSURE YOU UPDATE YOUR CONTACT DETAILS. This is to ensure we maintain a record of your attendance for contract tracing purposes.

**All other persons who wish to enter the premises, must complete our tablet Waiver application upon entry to ensure we maintain a record of attendance for contact tracing purposes.

**24 hour access to Corporate Box will not be available during the Stage 2 restriction period, however, will resume as at Stage 3 commencement. Please check your Home Club’s timetable at for temporary opening/closing hours for each Corporate Box Gym location during Stage 2.

We are so excited to be able to share this news with you all and we want thank you so much for your patience and understanding in these uncertain times!

We will continue to keep you updated with any changes as they happen.




Corporate Box Gym proudly presents our CB@HomeRunChallenge 2020.

As posted on our social media stories.

This will be a location competition the likes of which we haven’t seen before!!!

The idea is for members to accumulate points for their CB location at a venue of their choice in their vicinity or at a facility close to home.

Kids and parents can all participate.

Open to all CB and Non CB Members

Walk or Run, just participate and represent your local CB!

Download the Rules here: Run-Challenge (1)

How to Choose the right Martial Arts Gym for you

Many people go to a martial arts gym to learn self-defence techniques, some want to hone their fighting techniques in the ring and others want to try a different way of becoming fit. Whatever your end goals, martial arts can fit easily into your existing fitness regime, providing you with a disciplined way to achieve the results you want.

The problem is knowing which gym is best suited to your needs. There are a few gyms open in Brisbane, so short of going to each one and trying them out – how can you select the best one? The most effective strategy is to match the gym to your goals, look for trainers who have the experience to help you reach these goals, and class times that are easy to attend.

 1. Fit the gym to your goals

Do you want to fight competitively or do you want to learn self-defence? Is your goal to simply get fit? Whatever your goals, you need to match them with the right type of gym. As you can imagine, some gyms are more focused towards competitive fighting. If you join these gyms they will teach the type of martial arts that is used in the ring, along with all the rules that are necessary to keep the sport legal.

On the other hand, if you want to learn self-defence techniques, then you want a martial arts gym that focuses not on competitive sports, but on self-defence. The type of moves that you will be taught at these gyms differs considerably to those that are taught for competitions. The main difference being that in the ring certain rules need to be enforced, whilst in the street when you are defending yourself, these rules don’t apply. So knowing your goals will help you to select the right type of gym to fulfill these objectives.

 2. Look for experienced trainers

If you want to fight competitively in the ring, then the best trainers are those that have achieved a certain level of success in the ring themselves. It makes sense that fighters can teach fighters! If you want to learn martial arts for self-defence and fitness, not to fight competitively, then it makes sense to select trainers who excel in teaching non-competitive martial arts. Most gyms will advertise their skills and experience, but there’s no harm in dropping into your local martial arts gym and asking these questions yourself. You will also get a feel for the gym, which is an important part of your decision. 

 3. Convenient location and classes

The importance of finding a gym that’s in the right location and classes that suit your schedule cannot be understated. If you have to go out of your way to get to the gym and the class times aren’t really convenient, you will quickly find reasons not to attend. Whether you select a gym close to home or to work is up to you, but make sure that it’s not out of your way and the class times fit comfortably into your lifestyle. 

Boost your health by joining a boxing gym

Boxing classes aren’t just for fitness junkies or boxing fanatics. While we cater for anyone from novices to professional boxers, the majority of people attending boxing classes at Corporate Box Gym are everyday people who want to improve their health, learn new skills with professional boxing fighters and trainers, socialise, and just have fun! Boxing is a safe and easy way to make many improvements to your mental and physical wellbeing.

Let’s break some of them down so you can see just how amazing boxing classes can be for your health!

1. Manage and reduce your stress 

Sports and exercise are well-known stress reducers, which is why most people include some form of exercise into their daily lives. Sometimes however, you need more than an aerobics class or a jog around the block to reduce your stress. Boxing is great for reducing stress because it’s very intense and you don’t have time to think about anything else! 

2. Strengthen your body

Punching a boxing bag helps to increase your upper body strength and kicking a bag increases your lower body strength. So your entire body not only gets a good workout, but you also increase your strength. At our boxing gym, we not only focus on boxing, but we also get you fitter, so that you can be a better boxer! Feeling stronger also helps to reduce your stress levels and makes you a much healthier person.

3. Improve your hand-eye coordination

Fast reflexes and reaction times are associated with good hand-eye coordination and better balance. These skills are not only important for children, but also for everyone else! That’s because as we age, we often start to lose these skills, falling over on the odd occasion, and dropping or knocking things over every now and again. Improving your hand-eye coordination and keeping it sharp is one way to maintain your health over the long term.

4. Increase muscle mass and decrease body fat

Joining a boxing gym not only helps you to lose weight, but more importantly, you will increase your muscle mass and decrease your fat. The combination of boxing training exercises, strength training and cardio helps you decrease your BMI, so you’re fitter and healthier than ever! 

5. Boost cardiovascular health

We are always told to perform cardiovascular exercises to boost the health of our heart, particularly as we age. Eating a nutritional diet, reducing stress, losing weight, and exercising are all strategies that can improve cardiovascular health. Aerobic exercise is highly beneficial for your heart and since boxing is an aerobic exercise – it’s good for your heart!

It’s never too late to put your hand up for a boxing class! And why not ask your friends about joining a class together?

When you’re ready to get started, check out our locations page to find a Corporate Box Gym near you.