Welcome to Australia's most active fight gym

Corporate Box Gyms offer professional, experienced boxing, kickboxing/Muay Thai and BJJ/MMA training in a relaxed, encouraging and friendly environment. At Corporate Box, we cater to anyone from complete beginners right through to seasoned professional fighters, and our goal is to help you enjoy the huge lifestyle benefits that come from authentic training in boxing, kickboxing/Muay Thai or BJJ/MMA and other combat sport disciplines.

Our gyms are staffed by professional trainers who all have real-world fight experience. With hundreds of fights amd multiple world, national and state titles and belts between them, our training crew at each Corporate Box Gym are all dedicated professional fitness instructors as well as experienced boxing and Muay Thai exponents. Their goal is to share their vast knowledge with our members, guiding them on their fitness journey with more than just basic techniques, but support with intensive one-on-one sessions, diet advice and broader fitness and training tips and methods.