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As a member of Team Thai at Corporate Box Lutwyche, Uten offers professional Muay Thai and boxing training for all members.

  • Professional Muay Thai Fighter
  • Professional Boxer
  • Professional Muay Thai Trainer
  • Professional Boxing Trainer
  • Training and fighting in Muay Thai for over 18 years.
  • Uten has participated in over 200 professional Muay Thai fights in Thailand, Japan and Cambodia.
  • Uten is a Lumpinee Champion, Thailand Champion and has won the Best Muay Thai Fighter from Lumpinee Award.
  • Uten has instructed as a professional Muay Thai and Boxing trainer for over 5 years providing one-on-one instructions and class instruction.

If you are after professional training in authentic Muay Thai with Uten, please contact Corporate Box on 0432 387 515 or email through the enquiry form on this page.

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