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Dow is one of our resident Thai pad holders and personal trainer.

  • Professional Muay Thai Fighter
  • Professional Boxer
  • Professional Muay Thai Trainer
  • Professional Boxing Trainer
  • Training and fighting in Muay Thai for over 28 years.
  • Dow has participated in over 160 professional Muay Thai fights in Thailand and Australia.
  • Fought at Lumpini Stadium, Rajadamnern 100+ times
  • Top 10 (112 pounds) at Lumpini Stadium, Rajadamnern
  • Fought at Wan Sangchai program.
  • Fought on TV5 Channel, Thailand
  • Fought on ITV Channel, Thailand
  • Fought on TV 11 Channel, Thailand
  • Dow has instructed as a professional Muay Thai and Boxing trainer for over ten years providing one-on-one instructions and class instruction.

If you are after professional training in authentic Muay Thai with Dow, email through the enquiry form on this page.

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