At Corporate Box Lutwyche, our members can draw on the vast knowledge of over a dozen professional, highly experienced trainers.

Corporate Box Lutwyche hasa wealth of experienced professional boxing, Muay Thai and BJJ/MMA trainers who, between them, have years of fighting and training experience, along with numerous world, national and state belts in Muay Thai, boxing and MMA.

In addition to this, againwith hundreds of Muay Thaifights and years of training experience, our professional fighters/trainers from Thailand, who make up 'Team Thai', are available to all members for one-on-one pad-holding sessions that are run twice a day. Working with gym members individually for 3x3 minute rounds, our team of Thai trainers offer personal guidance in Muay Thai and boxing techniques, to guide anyone who wants to improve their skills in the ring. From complete beginners right through to serious professional fighters, Team Thai havehelped hundreds of our members hone their skills, improve their fitness level, and enjoy the huge mental, emotional and physical benefits that come from real training with boxing and Muay Thai experts.

Our trainers live and breathe their sport, with all being current active fighters, competingin Muay Thai and boxing tournaments around Australia and all over the world. As a Corporate Box member, you have at your disposal a wealth of combat sport experiencewith our trainers ready to share their knowledge and help you hone your boxing, Muay Thai or MMA skills, while benefitting from the huge fitness and well-bing gains that come from training in a real boxing and Muay Thai gym environment.

So if you're ready to jump in the ring with some world-class trainers, contact Corporate Box Gym today and organise a free trial session.